Journeyman Pictures: Worldwide Distributor for Flying Paper

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We are proud to announce today our exciting partnership with Journeyman Pictures in the U.K. for exclusive worldwide distribution of our film Flying Paper.

We’ve been in discussions with Journeyman for months and we signed an agreement in late July, while our co-producer Anne Paq was back in Gaza in the midst of the war. For over 20 years, Journeyman has co-produced and distributed award-winning films and provocative documentaries around the world. We could not be more pleased to be working with their talented team to get our film out more widely, after over 4 years in the making.

Thanks to everyone who has supported our cinematic journey over these difficult years, and especially Abeer, Musa, Wedad and all the amazing Palestinian children who made this film magical and uplifting, despite all they’ve been enduring. Working on this film has transformed our lives forever and we hope to be back in Gaza soon for an epilogue about their extraordinary lives!

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Nitin Sawhney and Roger Hill
Co-Directors, Flying Paper
August 28, 2014