It Takes Two to Fight Over a Documentary

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Documentarians in pairs: David Redmon and Ashley Sabin, directors of “Downeast,” about a Maine lobster processing plant.

Interesting New York Times article – very timely as Roger and I released our first doc film Kickstarter campaign for Flying Paper last week.

“Documentary directing teams — whether fiancées, best friends, siblings, spouses, or even exes — are standard in an industry not known for its remunerative prospects. On a tight budget two people can do most of the labor on a film, which can take many years to complete. It’s a formula that has proven successful.”

“The work carries over to the apartment, and into bed, and over to the next morning at breakfast,” Mr. Redmon said. “It’s a triangular relationship.”

Sometimes it feels like Roger and I have been in the same boat, while sharing a room and working late nights in Cairo, Gaza or New York on this doc over the past 2 years.

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– Nitin Sawhney